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Annual Report 2020


As a global investment holding company, KPS has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years. We have enjoyed times of success and growth and manoeuvred through business challenges. As with many companies around the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has cornered companies to adopt a paradigm shift in managing their business focus and priorities. And KPS is no exception to this. But while we were not spared the brunt of the pandemic, our resilience underpinned the efforts we exerted in navigating the uncertainty, risk, and change, and eventually, in bridging recovery.

All of us at KPS, from the corporate office to our geographically diversified subsidiary companies, stood steadfast. Our core values, PRIDE, stemmed our determination and commitment to embrace incremental and architectural innovations in maintaining operational efficiency and ensuring sustainable value creation for our products and services. While technology played key roles in overcoming business disruptions, indubitably, it was PRIDE that shaped our agility to push through the pandemic by unlearning our business and coming up with creative solutions to unanticipated setbacks.

More importantly, we supported one another, communicated effectively, and scaled up our business momentum, adapting to the evolving expectations of our stakeholders, and, in the end, Rising Above the tumult from unprecedented challenges.

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