Integrated Annual Report 2021

MISC Berhad 4 Integrated Annual Report 2021 MISC Berhad Integrated Annual Report 2021 5 ABOUT THIS REPORT INVESTOR RELATIONS The Group’s Corporate Disclosure Guidelines identify the following management personnel responsible for Investor Relations activities: NAVIGATION ICONS The following navigation icons are used throughout this IAR: RESPONSIBILITY STATEMENT MISC’s Board of Directors acknowledges its responsibility in ensuring the integrity of this Integrated Annual Report. This report has been presented in accordance with the International Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework. This report was approved by the Board on 21 February 2022. DATUK ABU HURAIRA ABUYAZID DATUKYEEYANG CHIEN Chairman President/Group CEO Social & relationship capital Intellectual capital Human capital Physical capital Financial capital Natural capital Sustainability Report Integrated Annual Report Employees Customers Shareholders/Investors/ Financial providers Government/ Regulatory Business partners/ Suppliers & vendors Community Project and financial performance Values and governance Skilled workforce Climate change Customer satisfaction Risk management Digitalisation and innovation Ocean health Diversity and inclusion Business knowledge and expertise Natural resource use Health and safety Employee engagement Further information can be found on our website Contact us at Cross References Our Stakeholders Our Material Matters Our Six Capitals President/Group CEO Vice President, Corporate Planning Vice President, Finance General Manager, Corporate Planning Corporate Governance Investor Relations Contact us at Sustainability Contact us at Business Solutions SUSTAINABILITY In line with our commitment to practising the principles of sustainable development, and to ensure MISC’s long-term business sustainability, we have integrated our sustainability strategy into our business model and the governance of our business. Throughout this IAR, we have provided disclosures of our response to our stakeholders in relation to ESG matters. Further information can be found in the Anchoring Sustainability @ MISC section on page 96 of this IAR. Our Board has also integrated ESG considerations in their deliberations in order to effectively address material ESG risks and opportunities. More information can be found in the Corporate Governance Overview Statement on page 228 of this IAR, and the Board Governance and Risk Committee Report on page 266 of this IAR. Full and comprehensive details of our sustainability strategy, initiatives and outcomes can be found in our standalone SR. ASSURANCE This IAR has third-party assurance for the following: • Our external auditors, Ernst & Young PLT, provide assurance on the audited financial statements • Each of our vessel’s fuel consumption and relevant activity data have been verified by a third party i.e. DNVGL confirming the data was collected and reported in accordance with the methodology and processes set out in the ship’s Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) as required by Regulation 22A of Annex VI of MARPOL Convention The internal team has maintained its continuous oversight in the preparation of this IAR to ensure that data provided are reliable. EXCLUSIONS The information presented in this IAR is guided by our appetite for disclosure. We have withheld information that fall within the following categories: • Information that would jeopardise our strategic and competitive advantage; • Information that we are contractually precluded from sharing; and • Information which we are unable to verify. FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS This IAR contains forward-looking statements which shares the Group’s expectations of its future value creation prospects. These forward-looking statements involve a marked degree of uncertainty due to the continually changing operating environment and the uncertainties of the industry within which MISC operates. This could result in actual results differing from those stated in the forward-looking statements. ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS A list of the abbreviations and acronyms used in this Report can be found on pages 476 to 479.