Integrated Annual Report 2021

MISC’s value creation model enables us to unlock value for our business and our stakeholders by utilising the inputs of our six capitals – namely our financial, physical, intellectual, human, social and relationship, and natural capitals. Our business strategy sets out the direction the Group takes and how we allocate resources – our capitals – to our portfolio of businesses. The result of our strategically-focused business activities are outputs – both positive and negative – as well as outcomes for our business and stakeholders. Our value creation is affected by the factors that make up our operating environment, along with the risks and opportunities that exist in the global economic and industry landscape. Significant drivers of our value creation model are the needs of our stakeholders, our material matters and the industry outlook. We ensure that we remain firmly on track with our value creation agenda through a robust governance structure, framework and processes, where our Board and Management set their collective mind to steer the strategic direction of our Group on a path of sustainable growth. In discharging their duties, our Board and Management take into account the material matters, which include sustainability issues, that are pertinent to our business. Identification and assessment of Effect on capitals (e.g. increased/enhanced or reduced stock of capital) EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT • RISKS AND OPPORTUNITIES • OUTLOOK • STAKEHOLDERS • MATERIAL MATTERS Financial capital Physical capital Intellectual capital Human capital Social & relationship capital Natural capital Value creation impact on MISC and other stakeholders Effects on the six capitals CAPITALS OUTCOMES Feedback loop Our Value Creation Model LONG-TERM TRENDS VISION INPUTS MISSION OUTPUTS STRATEGY BUSINESS ACTIVITIES HOW WE CREATE VALUE BUSINESS MODEL