Integrated Annual Report 2021

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 8. The Form of Proxy must be signed by the appointer of the proxy, or his attorney duly authorised in writing. In the case of a corporation, the Form of Proxy shall be executed under its common seal, or signed by its attorney duly authorised in writing or by a duly authorised officer on behalf of the corporation. 9. The completed Form of Proxy must be deposited at the Company’s Share Registrar, Boardroom Share Registrars Sdn. Bhd. at G Floor or 11th Floor, Menara Symphony, No. 5 Jalan Prof. Khoo Kay Kim, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, not less than forty-eight (48) hours before the time appointed for the holding of the 53rd AGM, or in the event the 53rd AGM is adjourned, not less than twenty-four (24) hours before the time appointed for the taking of the poll at the adjourned 53rd AGM. Alternatively, the proxy appointment can also be lodged electronically via “Boardroom Smart Investor Portal” at before the Form of Proxy submission cut-off time as mentioned above. For further information on the “Electronic Lodgement of Form of Proxy”, kindly refer to note 16 of the Administrative Notes relating to the 53rd AGM. 10. Pursuant to Paragraph 8.29A(1) of the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, all the resolutions set out in the Notice of the 53rd AGM will be put to vote by poll. Personal data privacy By submitting an instrument appointing a proxy(ies) and/or representative(s) to attend, speak and vote at the Annual General Meeting and/or any adjournment thereof, a member of the Company: (i) consents to the collection, use and disclosure of the member’s personal data by the Company (or its agents) for the purpose of processing and administration by the Company (or its agents) of proxies and representatives appointed for the Annual General Meeting (including any adjournment thereof) and the preparation and compilation of the attendance lists, minutes and other documents relating to the Annual General Meeting (including any adjournment thereof), and in order for the Company (or its agents) to comply with any applicable laws, listing rules, regulations and/or guidelines (collectively, the “Purposes”); (ii) warrants that where the member discloses the personal data of the member’s proxy(ies) and/or representative(s) to the Company (or its agents), the member has obtained the prior consent of such proxy(ies) and/or representative(s) for the collection, use and disclosure by the Company (or its agents) of the personal data of such proxy(ies) and/or representative(s) for the Purposes; and (iii) agrees that the member will indemnify the Company in respect of any penalties, liabilities, claims, demands, losses and damages as a result of the member’s breach of warranty. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ADMINISTRATIVE NOTES RELATING TO THE 53RD ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Registration No. 196801000580 (8178-H) (Incorporated in Malaysia) As part of the safety measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 and taking into consideration the highly transmissible Omicron variant of COVID-19 and the paramount safety and well-being of shareholders of MISC Berhad (“the Company” or “MISC”), the Board of Directors of MISC (“Board”) has decided that the 53rd Annual General Meeting (“53rd AGM”) of MISC shall be held on a virtual basis and entirely via Remote Participation and Electronic Voting (“RPEV”) facilities on the date, time and from the Broadcast Venue, as follows: Date : Wednesday, 27 April 2022 Time : 10.00 a.m. Broadcast Venue : MISC Berhad Conference Room 2 Level 17, Menara Dayabumi Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin 50050 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Meeting Platform : (Domain Registration No. with MYNIC - D6A357657) Mode of Communication : 1) Type text in the meeting platform. The Messaging window facility will be opened concurrently with the Virtual Meeting Portal, i.e. one (1) hour before the AGM, which is from 9.00 a.m. on Wednesday, 27 April 2022. 2) Email questions in advance to MISC Investor Relations at in relation to the agenda items for 53rd AGM, commencing from 29 March 2022 and in any event no later than Monday, 25 April 2022 at 10.00 a.m. For further details on mode of communication, please refer to note 11 of this Administrative Notes. Please note that the Broadcast Venue is strictly for the purpose of compliance with Section 327(2) of the Companies Act 2016 which stipulates that the Chairman shall be at the main venue of the AGM and in accordance with Rule 18.14 of the Company’s Constitution which allows a general meeting to be held at more than one venue, using any technology or method that enables the members of the Company to participate and to exercise the members’ right to speak and vote at the general meeting. As shareholders/proxies/corporate representatives WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to be physically present at or admitted to the Broadcast Venue on the day of the AGM, all members are urged to attend the 53rd AGM remotely via meeting platform MISC Berhad 486 Integrated Annual Report 2021 MISC Berhad Integrated Annual Report 2021 487 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING