Integrated Annual Report 2021

Cultural Beliefs and Shared Values Our Cultural Beliefs and Shared Values drive individual and team behaviours to sustain a solid and committed workforce. They are results-driven, while also establishing accountability, collaboration, trust, transparency, inclusivity and shared success. Our Shared Values defines our talent’s unique characteristics, one who embodies Loyalty, Integrity, Professionalism and Cohesiveness. ECHO+, our online feedback platform, promotes a culture of trust and open feedback amongst the employees via real time feedback. The recent PETRONAS Organisational Cultural Survey 2020 (POCS 2020) helps us understand what matters to our people, what drives them and ways we can improve to develop an even stronger workplace culture that caters to our business growth. Talent Attraction and Retention Talent attraction and retention remains a key driver in promoting a high-performance culture. Our values, policies and employee value proposition ensure we attract candidates of high calibre, capacity and capability. In 2021, our high-performing talent retention rate was at 96.6%. We have a Five-Year Strategic Manpower Planning that aligns our human capital needs with the business direction and optimises our manning requirement and manpower cost. We also introduced the Flexible Working Arrangement Initiative named Flex-it to response to the complexity and needs of our employee base. Under Flex-it, we launched Flexwear and Flexwork programmes to promote a flexible and inclusive workplace environment. Talent Development In 2021, more than RM29.74 million was invested in learning and development, with an aim to ensure that every employee has the access to develop themselves to their full potential. Adapting to the new norm, we have seen an increase in employee uptake of virtual training opportunities via our Talent Management System (TMS). The TMS caters to employee's development needs while ensuring group-driven e-learning contents such as Sustainability, Compliance and Safety are assigned automatically to everyone. Other than that, TMS also tracks, reviews and analyses competency gaps within our workforce via Leadership and Functional competency assessments. 46,171 Leadership Programmes We support the principle of diversity and practise equality of opportunity among all employees. Adopting a broad diversity policy ensures that we promote gender diversity in senior management over time Employee Engagement We organised various virtual employee engagement events throughout 2021 for employees to interact informally. These events helped us deliver the latest updates on appreciation and well-being of our employees as well as activities that enabled them to better understand our business direction. The events also provided networking opportunities amongst our employees across various functions and businesses. In 2021, we continued engaging with our employees through online activities such as PGCEO Townhall, TGIF: Take a Break with Our Leaders, HR Dialogues and Mental Well-being initiatives. MISC Group Diversity and Inclusion Promoting diversity and inclusion is part of our commitment to creating a diverse workforce that drives innovation and continuously improves business performance. In 2021, we established our MISC Group Diversity and Inclusion Statement. We value all diversity pillars, which are supported through our inclusion efforts. Our efforts to increase our diversity and representation focuses on the following four key areas: Total Employees Board Management Committee Succession Position 13% 87% 33% 67% 8% 92% 27% 73% GENDER MALAYSIA 66.59% INDIA 12.37% BANGLADESH 2.36% PHILIPPINES 7.58% INDONESIA 1.59% SINGAPORE 1.36% CHINA 1.71% BRAZIL 1.31% OTHERS 5.13% NATIONALITIES Leveraging the Strength of Diversity At shore, MISC Group has 26% female employees, with MISC Berhad and AET recording 40% and 44% respectively. This is above the recommended industry average of 30%. Our shore employees male-to-female gender ratio stands at approximately 2.87:1. We also have a significant number of female leaders in the Management, with 24% in middle management and 17% in the senior leadership (shore employees only). We have 59 female seafarers, with the highest-ranking female seafarer being a Captain. We expect three more women to assume the leadership roles of Master and Chief Engineer at Eaglestar in 2022. 289,531 Functional Programmes 9 TGIF Sessions in 2021 RM29.74 million Total Training Costs 25 Average Training Hour/Employee 25,154 Participations AGE GROUP 23.38% 42.24% 22.51% 11.87% 30 and below 31 - 40 41 - 50 51 and above GENDER We leverage our diverse talent pool of multiple nationalities to harness perceptions, ideas, insights and innovative thinking from many perspectives NATIONALITY We believe that multigenerational diversity is key to a sustainable work environment that promotes healthy discourse and rich dialogue from different viewpoints, ultimately benefiting the business MULTI-GENERATIONS We understand and respect that each individual is unique and rich in their cultural background CULTURAL DIVERSITY For more details on our Talent Excellence initiatives, please refer to our Sustainability Report Our People, Our Strength section. Build an Inclusive Culture and Work Environment Create an environment of equity and meritocracy that provides opportunities for our workforce Drive Leadership Accountability Leaders are key in driving D&I as a business and social imperative Grow Our Diversity Gender, nationality, multi-generations and cultural diversity to reflect our growing geography and client footprint PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS REVIEW Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Priorities MISC Berhad 178 Integrated Annual Report 2021 MISC Berhad Integrated Annual Report 2021 179