Integrated Annual Report 2021

Providing a nurturing and supportive work culture remains at the forefront of our priorities in ensuring individual and team excellence. With the pandemic continuing for more than two years now, our priority has been to have the right support system in place that will help our people deal with these challenging times, whilst maintaining their pursuit of excellence in their roles and functions. Among our initiatives are an enhanced Employee Assistance Programme offering our talents holistic remote support for their physical, mental and emotional well-being through a wealth of resources such as online counselling services via a digital app, on-demand remote therapy sessions and general health resources, as well as articles and webinars that have been carefully curated and supported by qualified professionals. Thinking of a future beyond the pandemic years, we have introduced flexible working arrangements as the natural and logical progression, with employees returning to work in a new normal that promotes agility and flexibility. The MISC employee experience has evolved to one that places employee engagement, wellness and communication at the forefront. While on remote working arrangements, constant and consistent communications is vital to ensure that our workforce remain well-informed and engaged. We conduct regular engagement sessions through departmental huddles and monthly townhalls to provide key business updates and perform organisational pulse checks on employees’ general well-being. In 2021, we also organised a Leadership Engagement Series showcasing senior leaders as role models, sharing authentic conversations on their experience working remotely during the pandemic. SHARIZA MOHD JAFFAR SADIQ MARICAR Vice President, Human Resource Management The Group has maintained our high level of investment in our talents through career development and learning opportunities. We performed leadership and functional assessments, put in place structured leadership programmes to build and develop enterprise leaders, organised bite-sized learning sessions to inculcate desired behaviours and values to build a future ready workforce, and made available learning modules on our Talent Management System for employees to upskill themselves at their convenience. In line with the MISC Sustainability Strategy 2021 – 2025, we have embarked on various initiatives focusing on talent development and workforce engagement. Our Career Management Framework empowers our employees to take charge of their career. Collaborating with some of the finest training providers, our Leadership Pathway has structured and refined programmes that covers the full gamut of our Leadership Competencies. These different tracks cater to identified successors, high-performing talents as well as to the masses. The Group Succession Planning exercise continues as one of our main initiatives, ensuring we have a healthy pipeline of successors and reinforcing our talent bench strengths. Coupled with other initiatives, we believe we are on track to developing a versatile and competent workforce tailored to meet the demand of the world’s evolving business landscape. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is something we are deeply passionate about at MISC. In 2021, we established our MISC Group Diversity and Inclusion Statement. In line with our aspiration to have a genderbalanced leadership bench, we ensure that all appointments made are based on the merits and strengths of the individual, as well as the right skill sets and experience required for the position. Given that the shipping, maritime and heavy engineering sector are predominantly male dominated, female representation at Senior Management level currently stands at 17%, in line with the total workforce diversity of 87% male and 13% female. For 2022, we plan to follow through with our Five-Year Strategic Plan as well as our sustainability strategic priorities. Our efforts will focus on continuing to build critical skills and competencies, as backed by the successful roll out of our structured leadership programmes. We will also continue to build and expand our structured functional programmes to future proof our talents. Through Career Management programme, we will be implementing various tools and solutions to develop current and future leadership bench strength. With the shift to the remote and hybrid work environment, developing effective and empathetic managers is more important than ever. To better support leaders and managers, HR will be inculcating an empathy-based management approach by enhancing skills, mindset and capacity via structured leadership programmes. In line with strategising for the Future of Work, we strive to promote a workplace culture of trust and empowerment, where individuals are held accountable for outcomes whilst being empowered to decide on how they want to achieve successful delivery of business goals. We will also step up on our Performance Management approach with more regular check-ins. Within the area of D&I, we seek to make demonstrable progress on this front by creating a diverse and inclusive work environment that attracts, retains and develops the best talent for our business. Our emphasis is on nurturing committed and engaged staff who are resilient, drive innovation, improve business performance and customer service, all of which are critical to building a sustainable organisation. Leaders are key in creating an inclusive culture and environment that enables us to retain diverse talent. As such, we will help leaders understand Inclusive Leadership and the role they play in creating a work environment where diverse talents want to work, as well as hold leaders accountable for delivering on our diversity and inclusion strategy to develop the best talent base for MISC. We are confident that our purposeful and forward-looking human capital development strategies will provide MISC the highly skilled and motivated talent base required to drive our journey of sustainable growth. SHARIZA MOHD JAFFAR SADIQ MARICAR Vice President, Human Resource Management CULTURAL BELIEFS • Results Matter • Own it! • Focused Execution • Nurture Trust • Tell Me • Shared Success SHARED VALUES • Loyalty • Integrity • Professionalism • Cohesiveness • Diversity and Inclusion programme • Employee Volunteering Programmes • Employee Engagement • Structured Learning & Development Programmes • Leadership & Functional Competency Framework • Career Management Framework • Succession planning Cultural Beliefs and Shared Values Talent Attraction and Retention Employee Engagement Talent Development HUMAN CAPITAL VALUE CREATION • Talent Retention • Diversity and Inclusion HUMAN CAPITAL VALUE CREATION At its core, our Cultural Beliefs and Shared Values help define the company’s ethos, and our Talent Attraction and Retention drive a high-performance culture and ensure our remuneration remains competitive, our Talent Development lays the foundation for employee growth with a structured development programmes based on established competency framework. We have in place our career management framework that helps employees navigate their career path and succession planning that ensures our bench strength remain strong. In addition, our Employee Engagement initiatives also help to foster a unique MISC family. VICE PRESIDENT’S REMARKS PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS REVIEW MISC Berhad 176 Integrated Annual Report 2021 MISC Berhad Integrated Annual Report 2021 177