Integrated Annual Report 2021

Improved our education governance We have enhanced our education governance in 2021 by establishing the Academic Board, Curriculum Committee and Technical Review Committee. These steps have strengthened our ability to deliver the highest quality maritime education both locally and internationally. Contributing to biodiversity protection through mangrove conservation In 2021, as part of MISC Group’s Heart of the Ocean programme and contributing to the Biodiversity Conservation Strategic Priority under the Group’s Sustainability Strategy, a decision was made to embark on a mangrove conservation initiative on a plot of land leased to ALAM. The land, which is a mangrove forest, forms part of ALAM’s land concession with the Federal Government of Malaysia situated 4.5 km away from the ALAM campus in the Kuala Linggi district. During the year, MISC developed a strategic conservation framework and roadmap to protect and restore the mangrove ecosystem on the land. The framework will be implemented in three phases with phase I scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2022. This strategic move serves as an initial step to gain the necessary exposure to broaden our efforts on naturebased rehabilitation in the future. Continued to contribute to academia ALAM has maintained good progress with our continuing contributions to the maritime and education fields. During the year we shared knowledge and expertise through articles, paper presentations, sharing sessions and webinars. Established the following in 2021 • Academic Board • ALAM Curriculum Committee • Technical Review Committee Promoting gender equality by training 279 female cadets via the MISC Cadet Sponsorship Programme since 2006 Academic contributions in 2021 • 4 articles published in High Impact (HI) Journal • 2 papers presented in international conference • 9 Technical Papers presented in MISC Annual Technical Forum • 3 sharing sessions on Academic Writing • 16 webinars on online delivery e-tools Promoting female cadet participation Operating in a male-dominated profession, ALAM have been encouraging female cadets recruitment since 2006. Many female cadets trained at ALAM have become successful officers with outstanding careers within the Group and externally. Since 2006, we have trained 279 female cadets through the MISC Cadet Sponsorship Programme. We proactively encourage female participation in the maritime industry aligned to UNSDG5 on Gender Equality and will continue with our endeavours to create value in 2022. MOVING FORWARD We expect the pandemic to gradually move into endemic phase in 2022, with uncertainties in the demand for developmental and training for seafarers from the shipping industry. A prolonged uncertainties also will result in training budget limitations by shipping and oil and gas companies. This will impact our enrolment numbers as well as customised courses we develop for clients. Nevertheless, ALAM and MMASB will leverage on our 44-year experience in the industry, to put in motion strategic plans that will ensure our long-term sustainability, competitiveness and industry relevance. This includes transforming ALAM to become a financially self-sustainable organisation. We will continue to contribute to the academic domain and academia, in line with our ambition to rebuild ourselves, remain competitive and relevant in the maritime education and training industry, and refresh our physical infrastructure and facilities, as we continue to strive to offer our students a better campus experience. Giving back to society During the year, we conducted a donation drive to help the surrounding community. Themed ‘Infaq Ramadhan 2021’, the drive was conducted by ALAM KESURA, our sports and recreational club. The ALAM KESURA Club distributed groceries and cash worth RM4,000 to 40 families from 4 May 2021 until 6 May 2021. The ALAM KESURA Club donated RM4,000 in cash and groceries to 40 families MISC developed the strategic Mangrove Conservation Framework and Roadmap MARITIME EDUCATION & TRAINING BUSINESS REVIEW Continued with ALAM’s transformation initiatives In 2021, we continued to implement ALAM’s transformation initiatives by identifying gaps within our internal processes. We have pinpointed the areas that require improvements and redesign. Once fully implemented, our enhancements will enable us to improve our operational efficiency, and further align our organisational processes with our business objectives. As well as that, we embarked on the preparation of our new five-year Campus Rejuvenation Plan (CRP). The CRP outlines an overall development plan that will drive enrolment growth, rejuvenate our infrastructure and facilities, and enhance the overall campus environment for better student experience. • Enhanced internal process to improve efficiencies • Embarked on developing our CRP MISC Berhad 172 Integrated Annual Report 2021 MISC Berhad Integrated Annual Report 2021 173