Integrated Annual Report 2021

12 Engaged with premier local universities to explore strategic collaborations MARITIME EDUCATION & TRAINING BUSINESS REVIEW Research & consultancy projects conducted Cost Containment Measures • Reduced wastages • Renegotiated contracts with vendors and contractors • Encouraged a financially disciplined and prudent corporate culture 14 13 customised courses developed and delivered clients in 2021 Successfully transitioned to offering hybrid and online courses As a result of COVID-19 related restrictions, there was a need for ALAM to expedite our shift to offer online courses. With regards to our STCW courses, we were able to obtain approval from the regulator to conduct using a hybrid model of face-to-face and online, where previously regulations required us to only deliver these courses in a face-toface setting. This has turned out to be both ALAM and the nation’s first time employing a hybrid approach to STCW courses with certifications from the Department of Skills Development (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran or JPK) and the Malaysian Skills Certificate (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia or SKM). We also secured full approval from JLM to offer Modular Courses and conduct Certificate of Competency (CoC) Examinations online utilising CloudTech and newly developed SOPs. We ensured that we had a robust IT infrastructure in place that would deliver our courses optimally. Our lecturers, employees and students were able to successfully transition to online education. This was complemented by our employees’ ability in adapting to the new normal, as well as respond to the constant changes that various levels of lockdown rules caused. Our ability to offer online courses has strengthened our market proposition, as we now have the capability to offer both online and face-to-face courses. Conducted nation’s first hybrid STCW courses Utilised CloudTech to conduct courses and examinations online 4 new Maritime-themed Diplomas developed in 2021 Exploring collaborations with premier Malaysian universities Expanded the scope of our academic programmes to cover non-shipping related education New Programmes in 2021 10 new programmes: customised/industry demand made ready for market/industry STCW/JLM approved ALAM’s Academic Plan (AAP) ALAM has been entrusted to develop and enhance education and training for the nation’s seafarers particularly the officers and ratings programmes. In line with this, we have remained focused on the entrusted key tasks through the development and execution of AAP. ALAM also continued to support the nation in building its human capital capability through structured and holistic training programmes, designed specifically to develop maritime professionals. Focused on cost containment In 2021, we focused on cost containment measures, performed a deep dive into potential wastage on campus and renegotiated contracts with vendors/ contractors. Our efforts ensured that we optimised costs and obtained the best value from our vendors/contractors. We also actively encouraged employees to employ a more prudent approach in the management of expenditures and costs. Progressed with our research and consultancy arm During the year, we continued to provide research and consultancy services for the shipping and maritime sector on 12 projects for five clients. Of these, 11 were completed while one is still ongoing as at the end of 2021. A total of 14 customised courses were also developed and delivered to eight clients. Rolled out new programmes in 2021 We have remained on track by expanding our portfolio to include new courses. In 2021, we added a total of 10 new programmes, of which two were STCW and Malaysia Marine Department (Jabatan Laut Malaysia or JLM) approved, and the other eight were customised according to industry demand. Aims of AAP: • Remain a relevant maritime learning institution and be the thought leader in maritime education focusing on: » » Competencies Expectations » » Knowledge » » Technological Enhancement » » Innovation • Strengthen our value proposition in a competitive education sector During the year, we approached and conducted discussions with a number of local universities, with the view of entering into strategic collaborations with them. We have received positive feedback, and hope to announce Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) within the near future. This move will strengthen our collaborations with local institutions of higher learning, in providing quality maritime and shipping education to students and pave the way towards achieving our strategic objective of attaining the university college status. We have added to the diversity of our courses by putting together non-shipping related programmes into our education portfolio. During the year, we developed four new diploma programmes and these maritime-themed programmes have been developed based on our niche expertise and leverages on our role within the MISC Group. All programmes have been submitted to the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) for accreditation. MISC Berhad 170 Integrated Annual Report 2021 MISC Berhad Integrated Annual Report 2021 171