Integrated Annual Report 2021

SOCIAL PILLAR Our commitment under the Social Pillar is to promote health and safety, individual and team excellence, as well as positively impact communities. Our effort under this pillar is important as it contributes towards the socio-economic development of communities, as well as strengthen our human capital. Key Highlights in 2021 Values, Assurance and Business Ethics In 2021 we enhanced our governance by establishing our Compliance Management Framework. Our Board endorsed the Compliance Management Scorecard for the year 2022. In line with our zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption, we continue to implement our annual Corruption Risk Assessment review, Conflict of Interest (COI) declaration and the Anti-Bribery Management System annual audit which was conducted by the internal team and an independent third party. Human Rights Our Grievance Mechanism Procedure was established in 2021 which will provide a platform for MISC Group’s operations, employees and contractors to raise any grievance on human rights matters. In addition, we continued with our Human Rights awareness briefings and training for our employees and supply chain. In 2021, we completed our social risk assessment on labour and working conditions for all our shore operations. Cybersecurity With regards to our cybersecurity, we established the MISC Group Cybersecurity Control Standards and related guidelines to strengthen cybersecurity practices throughout the Group. Various initiatives have been undertaken in 2021 to improve our cybersecurity risk management. Responsible Supply Chain The MISC Group ESG Supply Chain Assurance Guidelines was drafted during the year as part of our Responsible Supply Chain strategic priority. We also piloted the ESG Self-assurance Supply Chain programme in 2021 for our selected critical suppliers. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT PILLAR At MISC, we stand by the belief that our stakeholders are an important component of our business journey. As we continue to create shareholder value, we are cognisant to also contribute value to our other stakeholders, especially through our sustainability agenda. In line with this, we have instituted the Stakeholder Engagement Pillar as a vital part of our Sustainability Strategy. This pillar seeks to create meaningful value through trusted stakeholder relationships. Key Highlights in 2021 During the year, we developed a comprehensive Group-wide Stakeholder Engagement Guidelines and stakeholder engagement plans. Alongside this, we rolled out our Sustainability Strategy e-learning awareness programme for our employees. 2021 was a milestone year for the Group, when we became a first-time constituent of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) under the Emerging Market category and maintained our listing on FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia for eight consecutive years. We were rated as “low risk” for our ESG risk performance by Sustainalytics. As a testament of our strong ESG practices, we were recognised as a Winner for Waste Productivity & Materiality, Climate Change & Emissions, Land Use & Biodiversity categories and Special Achievement for Stakeholder Management category in the Sustainability Business Awards 2020/21. GOVERNANCE PILLAR Under the Governance Pillar, MISC aims to reinforce a strong governance, business ethics and culture. A robust governance and ethical culture will preserve and strengthen stakeholder confidence, whilst providing the foundations for a high-performing organisation that demonstrates long-term resilience. For a more comprehensive information on our sustainability performance and initiatives please read our Sustainability Report 2021. Key Highlights in 2021 Health and Safety To contribute to the wellbeing of our people, we introduced Wellness Wednesday, an online workout class to encourage employee to stay healthy as well as a 6-week online Mindfulness training cohort to encourage us in paying attention to the present moment. We continued to conduct Health Risk Assessments (HRA) on our vessels, and established a Process Safety programme. To further understand our HSSE culture, we carried out HSSE Maturity Survey 2021 and the results show that we are at Proactive level. We introduced an Advanced Safety Communication (ASC) programme to enhance contractor safety behaviour during the year. Talent Excellence In 2021, we implemented our Career Management Framework for the benefit of our employees. In addition, as part of the Leadership and Functional Development Pathway, we rolled out a series of training programmes to assist in the career growth for our workforce. On succession planning, we achieved our targets of 2:1 for both the Management Committee and critical positions. In line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, our FLEX-it programme was launched to promote flexibility and inclusive workplace environment. Diversity and Inclusion In 2021, our MISC Group Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Statement was established. A D&I working group consisting of HR Heads, or their nominees and chaired by the VP of HR was formed to provide focused attention in coming out with D&I awareness activities within MISC Group. Eaglestar appointed its first Malaysian female Master Mariner in 2021. Captain Eezmaira Sazzea binti Shaharuzzaman is now commanding Seri Bijaksana, a 153,000 m3 LNG carrier. This appointment demonstrates our commitment to talent excellence, particularly D&I, which are strategic priorities of our sustainability agenda. Community Investment Our commitment in contributing to the socio-economic development of our communities has been articulated in our MISC Group Community Investment Guidelines. During the year, we sponsored 772 students under the ALAM Cadets sponsorship programme. Through our subsidiary, AET continued its scholarship programmes in 2021 sponsoring two students enrolled in the Diploma in Maritime Business at Singapore Maritime Academy of Singapore Polytechnic as well as now partnering with Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) to support underprivileged students. In 2021, 150 students participated in MHB Go Green programmes to encourage the students in becoming a positive change maker. ANCHORING SUSTAINABILITY @ MISC SUSTAINABILITY Our Sustainability Report provides comprehensive details on our governance matters. Please refer to the Governance pillar section. More details on how we are managing our stakeholders can be found in Sustainability Report Stakeholder Engagement pillar section. Details on our health and safety, talent excellence and community investment can be read in our Sustainability Report Social pillar section. MISC Berhad 104 Integrated Annual Report 2021 MISC Berhad Integrated Annual Report 2021 105