Al-`Aqar Healthcare REIT Annual Report 2020

COVER RATIONALE SUSTAINABILITY STATEMENT 66 About This Report 66 The Sustainable REIT 68 Governance and Accountability 69 Engaging Stakeholders 70 Materiality Assessment 70 Sustainability Pillars 71 Governance 72 People 74 Partner GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE 76 Corporate Governance Statement 86 Board Audit and Risk Committee Report 90 Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control 94 Additional Compliance Information 95 Shariah Adviser’s Report 96 Trustee’s Report FINANCIAL REPORTS 98 Manager’s Report 103 Statement by Directors of the Manager 103 Statutory Declaration 104 Independent Auditors’ Report 108 Statements of Comprehensive Income 110 Statements of Financial Position 112 Statements of Changes in Net Asset Value 114 Statements of Cash Flows 115 Notes to the Financial Statements In an increasingly challenging business landscape, we are synergising our capabilities to be ready to meet challenging situations. Performing at our utmost capabilities with dedication in our progressive stance to pursue the achieving of long-term growth. In contrast, we strive to promote time and cost efficiency for our clients with a well-rounded systematic workflow process and good quality control in implementing its strategic priorities. It is this spirit that embodies the expertise and stabilisation of Al-`Aqar Healthcare REIT and demonstrates the benchmark for us to be the optimal level in the future. KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital Taiping Medical Centre