Price Gain / Loss Calculator

Quantity (Lots, 1 lot = 100 shares)        
Price (RM)        
Purchase / Sales Value      
Brokerage   %  
Minimum: RM    
Clearing Fee   %  
Maximum: RM    
Stamp Duty RM for every RM
Maximum: RM    
        Total Transaction Cost
        Total Purchase Cost
        Net Sales Proceeds


1 Lot = 100 Shares.

Valid quantity range is from 1 lot to 100,000 lots.

Valid price range is from RM0.005 to RM999.500.

The values for Brokerage, Clearing Fee and Stamp Duty are recommended values only. Kindly type the actual values in the text box to obtain a more accurate calculation.

For specific profit in percentage, add % at the end.