Bank Islam Integrated Annual Report 2020

Dear Shareholders, Welcome to Bank Islam’s 2020 IntegratedAnnual Report The Next Chapter It has been a year of exciting changes and new developments for Bank Islam. As part of our corporate restructuring exercise, Bank Islam will now be the only full-fledged Islamic bank to be publicly listed in Malaysia. Taking over the helm from BIMB Holdings Berhad (BHB), Bank Islam is ready to be the new face of Islamic financial services in the country. This strategic transition will empower Bank Islam by unlocking value and enabling investments towards improved performance and agility in today’s fast-evolving banking landscape. As an independent entity, Bank Islam will continue to play a leading role in driving Islamic banking and contributing to the nation’s development as a global Islamic hub. Moving ahead, Bank Islam looks forward to driving the next chapter of growth of the Islamic financial industry in Malaysia and the region.