EXCEL FORCE MSC BERHAD - ANNUAL REPORT 2020 32 PRINCIPLE C - INTEGRITY IN CORPORATE REPORTING AND MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH STAKEHOLDERS I. COMMUNICATION WITH STAKEHOLDERS 11.0 There is continuous communication between the Company and shareholders to facilitate mutual understanding of each other's objectives and expectation. Stakeholders are able to make informed decisions with respect to the business of the Company, its policies on governance, the environment and social responsibility. The Board believes the dialogue with stakeholders is a necessary and beneficial process as it enables the company to understand stakeholders' concerns and to take these concerns into account when making decisions. The Company has established an investor relation website to keep our shareholders and investors updated on latest development of the Company. It includes announcements released to Bursa Securities, quarterly financial results and annual reports. II. CONDUCT OF GENERAL MEETING 12.0 Shareholders are able to participate, engage the Board and seniormanagement effectively andmake informed voting decision at general meetings. The Annual General Meeting ("AGM") remains the principal forum for dialogue with shareholders where they are encouraged to meet the Board to have greater insight into the Groups' operations. The shareholders can participate and raise questions regarding the business operations and financial performance and position of the Company. The Board together with the external auditors and the Company Secretaries will provide feedback and responses to the shareholders' queries. The Company sends out the Notice of AGM and Annual Report to shareholders at least twenty-eight days before the meeting in line with the Practice 12.1 of the MCCG. In addition, the Notice of AGM and/or Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) will be advertised in the newspapers. The Board encourages shareholders to attend the forthcoming AGM and undertakes to answer all questions raised by the shareholders. All resolutions set out in the notice of general meetings will be carried out by poll voting. The Board will make announcement of the detail results showing the number of votes cast for and against each resolution at general meetings to facilitate greater shareholder participation. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OVERVIEW STATEMENT (CONT’D)