EXCEL FORCE MSC BERHAD - ANNUAL REPORT 2020 19 SUSTAINABILITY STATEMENT (CONT’D) COMMUNITY Due to movement control order and social distancing requirement, the Group did not carry our any physical on-site community service as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in the year 2020. Instead, EForce made monetary donation to following needy community:- NAME OF ORGANISATION PRINCIPLE ACTIVITY The National Cancer Society of Malaysia NCSM is the first not-for-profit cancer organisation in Malaysia that provides education, care and support services for people affected by cancer. Yayasan ChowKit Yayasan Chow Kit is a local NGO connecting volunteers and corporates to community projects and community needs. Hospis Malaysia Hospis Malaysia is a charitable organisation providing professional community palliative care to those with life-limiting illnesses (such as cancer, AIDS, organ failure or progressive neurological conditions.) Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor and Federal Territory (SCAS & FT) SCAS & FT is a one-stop centrewhich provides a complete range of services for persons with Cerebral Palsy. Children are admitted as young as possible, or as soon as they are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. There is no exit age and services are FREE OF CHARGE. Shelter Home for Children This is a registered welfare organisation for abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children. In the coming years, the Group will focus on the theme of “Education, Technology and Children” for our CSR engagement. EForce will design targeted assistance on its own or in collaboration with NGOs to help under-privileged children get ahead in education through technology. MARKETPLACE The Group committed to ensure the interest of all our important stakeholders, i.e. shareholders, suppliers, customers and local community are well taken care of. We ensure proper corporate governance practices are in place and they are closely monitored and reviewed on regular basis. LIST OF STAKEHOLDER STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT Customers Regular meeting with customers, provide stable, cost effective and reliable solution, build up good rapport for mutually beneficial relationship. Suppliers Ensure product supplied by the supplier are reliable, high quality and cost effective. Ensure after sales service is available for emergency support. Shareholders Conduct Annual General Meeting (AGM). Setup of Investor relations (IR) website for ease of communication. Local community Engaged with local NGO to support them with monetary donation for their daily operation expenses, and undertake community service to assist under-privileged children to get ahead in education through technology.