MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad Annual Report 2021

MATERIALITY ASSESSMENT PROCESS MSM’S 2021 MATERIALITY MATRIX MSM’s materiality matrix addresses key topics that have been identified as important to our business and stakeholders. We considered and prioritised significant business, operational, environmental, social and governance topics. These topics were positioned on the materiality matrix based on two axis - importance to MSM Group and its stakeholders. Identify We assessed if our concerns disclosed in last year’s Annual Integrated Report are still relevant and if there are any new concerns to be raised based on: In the course of the assessment, the Group has determined that the majority of material topics presented in FY2020 still remain relevant. Two of the material matters listed in the previous report were further consolidated and refined as Environmental Impact and Managing Regulators topics were already addressed in the other topics. This was to avoid repetition and to streamline disclosures. Verify Most material impacts on MSM were identified on a Materiality Matrix which was reviewed by our Board of Directors (BOD) and Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO). They have validated these issues as carrying notable impacts and of high concern to our stakeholders. Changing global and local trends Media analysis The directions of the sugar industry Regulatory changes Our strategies and internal policies MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad ANNUAL INTEGRATED REPORT 2021 WHO WE ARE STATEMENT & DISCUSSION BY OUR LEADERS HOWWE OPERATE 96