MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad Annual Report 2021

Azman Ahmad Non-Independent Non-Executive Director BOD ITC NIK FAZILA NIK MOHAMED SHIHABUDDIN Non-Independent Non-Executive Director BOD NRC Dato’ Amir Hamdan HjYusof Non-Independent Non-Executive Director BOD NRC BOARD OF DIRECTORS DIVERSITY The Board is primarily responsible for MSM Group’s overall strategic plans and directions, overseeing the conduct of the businesses, risk management, succession planning of Senior Management, implementing investor relations programmes and ensuring the system of internal controls and management information system are adequate and effective. Board of Director Audit, Governance and Risk Committee Investment and Tender Committee Nomination and Remuneration Committee BOD AGRC ITC NRC The details of the Board of Directors Diversity can be found in the Corporate Governance Overview Statement of this Annual Integrated Report SUSTAINABILITY JOURNEY HOWWE ARE GOVERNED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 185