MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad Annual Report 2021

The MSM Group focuses on the mid-stream activities of the sugar value chain - namely sourcing, processing, marketing and distribution of refined sugar products, value added sugar products and sugar manufacturing by-products. Through two established refineries situated in Prai, Penang andTanjung Langsat, Johor, MSM is known for its premium quality sugar with a high sucrose content which has a dominant presence among the food and beverage industry consumers, both domestically and regionally. Recently, MSM has ventured into producing value added sugar products such as liquid sugar, fine syrup and premix by leveraging on expanded production capacities. MSM is currently exploring the recycling of sugar refining industry’s by-products by converting waste, namely mudcake into fertilisers, and molasses into high value products. Raw Sugar Refinery OUR VALUE CHAIN WHO WE ARE STATEMENT & DISCUSSION BY OUR LEADERS HOWWE OPERATE MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad ANNUAL INTEGRATED REPORT 2021 14