MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad Annual Report 2019

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OVERVIEW STATEMENT Conduct of General Meeting The Company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), is the primary platform for communication with the widest range of shareholders. The Chairman, at the commencement of a general meeting, informs shareholders of their right to vote. The Board considers the use of electronic voting for polling to facilitate greater shareholders’ participation, taking into consideration its availability, reliability, applicability, cost and efficiency. MSM shall appoint a poll Administrator to handle the polling process and Independent Scrutineers to verify the results of the poll. The Chairman of the Board chaired the 8 th AGM of the Company held on 19 June 2019 in an orderly manner and allowed the shareholders or proxies to speak at the meeting. All Directors were present to the 8 th AGM to respond to the questions raised by the shareholders or proxies. The Group CEO presented the Company’s operational and financial performance for the financial year under review. The presentation covered salient points on financial, operational performance and return on shareholders’ fund. Questions raised by the Minority Shareholder Watch Group (MSWG) prior to the AGM together with feedback from Management were also shared with shareholders during the AGM. The Chairman provided fair opportunity and time to all shareholders in exercising their rights to raise questions. A media conference was held immediately after the 8 th AGM whereby one of the Board of Director, Group CEO, Group COO, CFO and relevant Senior Management were present to update the media representatives on the resolutions passed and answered questions on matters related to the Group. Results of all resolutions passed at the 8 th AGM were announced on the same day via Bursa LINK. Statement by the Board This Corporate Governance Overview Statement is made in accordance with the resolution of the Board of Directors dated 17 April 2020. On behalf of the Board DATUK WIRA AZHAR ABDUL HAMID Chairman MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad | Annual Report 2019 82