MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad Annual Report 2019

Issues Raised Strategic Response Government, Regulatory Agencies & Statutory Bodies The Government licences us to operate and provides a supportive regulatory environment, infrastructure as well other means of support to sustain our growth • Pricing structure • AP’s issuance • Sugar smuggling issues • Sufficient sugar supply for the domestic market • Compliance matters • Environmental emissions and discharges • Labour practices • Healthy competition among business • Occupational safety & health • Active engagement, dialogue and briefings • Enhance business framework to adapt to regulatory requirements • Embed UN-SDG initiatives into core strategies • Improve governance, compliance and transparency framework Investors, Analysts & Media Provide wider publicity and improve the general understanding of MSM’s business among investors and the public • Financial performance • Business performance and strategy updates • Governance & risk standards • Responsible investments • Future growth for the business • Improve financial performance • Improve governance, compliance and transparency framework • Quarterly briefings and annual report • Pursue value enhancing opportunities Customers & Industry Players We are reliant on customers and potential customers to sustain our revenue-generation and growth • Long-term security of supply • Consistent supply and quality of products • Competitive pricing • Improve manufacturing capability • Event and engagement sessions • Customer care email/satisfaction survey • Ensure sufficient sugar supply for the domestic market • Development of new products Suppliers Provide the materials to produce the products and services aimed for MSM’s sustainable growth • Quality service delivery • Pricing of services and materials • Sustainable standards • Efficient payment cycles • Transparent and open contract/tender negotiations • Integrity assessments • Courtesy and site visits • Trainings and briefings Employees Employees are our vital assets and the key to drive performance forward • Career development opportunities • Competitive benefits, remuneration and welfare packages • Employment security • Participation and empowerment • Workforce transformation • Occupational safety & health • Continued investment through training and development • Strategic transformation targets • Focused safety programmes • Internal engagements via townhall, intranet and newsletter • Management dialogues with employees and union representative • Employee engagement survey Communities Building and nurturing existing relationships with the communities where we operate allows us to contribute to transformation, development and various corporate responsibility programmes • Responsive and viable contribution to community interest and needs • Support for key community developments and activities • Sponsorship and donations • Employment opportunities • Socio-economic operational impact and initiatives • Volunteerism • Continued commitment to CSR programmes • Tithe and alms giving STAKEHOLDERS ENGAGEMENT Ongoing stakeholder engagement is a core component of our business and sustainability strategies. MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad | Annual Report 2019 28